Exterior Makeovers


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Let it be any roof or exterior work, we are here to help!

Doesn’t matter what type of exterior work that your home needs, T&D Exterior Solutions are here to help you with any of your needs. Here are just a few things we would like to highlight, that we do.

Whether you have your own design or your looking for us to do your design, we have the knowledge to make your new project, an investment, not a money pit!

We only use materials and equipment that are built to last! Expect quality workmanship, along with quality materials.

If you choose T&D Exterior solutions to fullfill your design, or do your design for you, expect your finished project to look exactly, if not better than you thought.

You need a quick repair? We are here for you! If you know exactly what you need, we are here to set an appointment that best suits both of us to get your project done on time!

Exterior Makeovers

We can add anything! With permits from the city of course! we do everything professionally, and to code! We get permits, and make sure everything we touch is by law, and safe! Once you get passed all that legal stuff, our designs are top in the community, making a dull boring house, looking like a completely new one within the neighbourhood. Your friends and family will think you tore down the old house, and rebuilt a new one! For quality designs and work, choose T&D Exterior Solutions!

  • Design
  • Quality Work
  • Investment

Wake up knowing your house is issue free, and beautiful.

Enjoy the home you work for! Add value to the investment you bought, when you first ventured into the Real Estate Market by buying your dream home! Do you have an idea that you want to do to your house? Or maybe your house just needs some love? If one of these sounds like you, then call us for an estimate, and we will get the job done for you and your family!