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Frequently asked questions

The typical asphalt roof we use will last 25 years, depending on the outdoors elements, and surroundings. 

YES! Each product has a manufacture warranty. Each manufacture is different, so if you need to use the warranty ensure you call and find out what your specific products warranty is. 

Each project we do, we use only the highest quality for your home. No need to worry about cheep material. If you want more information on the specific materials we use, give us a call.

 There is quite a big difference when it comes to this topic. there is a lot of information out there, however we use asphalt for roofing. A metal roof has not added enough to an investment on your home, and most people move within 10 years. An asphalt home lasts up to 25 years, so we try to save you money while maintaining quality.

Everything is project base. We need to get the materials, and the equipment to do the job, before we even think of the labour portion. So send us some information on what you are looking to do, and we will give you an estimate.


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Enjoy the home you work for! Add value to the investment you bought, when you first ventured into the Real Estate Market by buying your dream home! Do you have an idea that you want to do to your house? Or maybe your house just needs some love? If one of these sounds like you, then call us for an estimate, and we will get the job done for you and your family!